COVID-19 update 27 – 13-18/06/2020


LSA conso has compiled a list of ten tools already available on the market for retail operators to strengthen health security at the point of sale. Examples include:

  • a disinfectant-spraying arch for customers to disinfect their carts;
  • an antimicrobial coating for all contact surfaces;
  • UV light to disinfect baskets and carts;
  • distance sensors to help employees respect distances;
  • mobile gantries to disinfect carts and pallets;
  • automated customer counting systems;
  • docking stations for staff with PPE and disinfectants;
  • foot pedal-based hydroalcoholic gel dispensers;
  • an arch to check the temperature and mask-wearing of passing customers;
  • a QR code-based info system to communicate sanitary measures to customers.

Here is the PDF of the entire article (in French) for your convenience.


  1. EU measures

EU Member States have agreed on a framework to ensure the interoperability of mobile contact tracing and warning apps. The guidelines and a set of technical specifications are to ensure a safe exchange of information between national contact tracing apps based on a decentralised architecture. This concerns the majority of tracing apps that were already – or are about to be – launched in the EU. Once the technical solution is deployed, national apps will work seamlessly when users travel to another EU country which also follows the decentralised approach.

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COVID-19 update 27 – 13-18/06/2020
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