COVID-19 update 37 – 08-12/08/2020

The European Commission has urged Member States to allow the unmarried partners of European citizens and residents to enter the EU, exempting them from travel restrictions placed on some countries (Source: Euractiv)

Under the State Aid Temporary Framework, the Commission has most recently approved:

  • a €6 billion German scheme to compensate public transport companies for damages suffered due to coronavirus outbreak;
  • a €143 million Hungarian scheme to support research and development and production of coronavirus-relevant products;
  • a €25 million Slovak scheme to support innovative companies with limited access to credit facilities in the context of coronavirus outbreak;
  • €150 million of Cohesion policy funding reprogrammed to mitigate the social impact of the pandemic in Spain.

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COVID-19 update 37 – 08-12/08/2020
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