COVID-19 update 45 – 24-30/09/2020

The European Commission has approved the repurposing of €1,2 billion in Cohesion policy funding in Spain which will be used to cushion the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis on the country’s economy. The funds will support SMEs contributing to boost the healthcare sector and develop the ITC sector.

A similar modification of €550 million was approved in Romania. Financial support will be given to more than 120.000 SMEs and to initiatives for digitalisation and e-education.

Under the State Aid Temporary Framework, the Commission has recently approved:

  • a €10 million Belgian scheme to support potato producers affected by coronavirus outbreak in Wallonia;
  • a €1,5 billion Greek scheme to support micro and small enterprises in 12 regions affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

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COVID-19 update 45 – 24-30/09/2020
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