COVID-19 update 68 – 21/06-08/07/2021

According to the latest study by GFK Europe Retail on all retail in Europe, sales of non-food products fell by
3% in Europe and in France, while consumer goods as a whole saw their turnover increase by 5,5%. The
largest decreases concern countries such as Italy (-11,6%), Spain (-11%), and Cyprus (-10,8%). Most affected
is the distribution of clothing and footwear, where decreases can go as far as -20%.

Each country has its own specificities of course. For example, the Netherlands, where non-food distribution
experienced a particularly high increase (+6,2%) due to the fact that physical stores were kept open during
the first wave of the pandemic. Likewise, sales of consumer goods were very strong in Germany (+12,4%),
in Ireland (+10,3%) or Austria (+8,4%). On the other hand, if there is a common trend, it is the
omnipresence of e-commerce: In twelve Western European countries, nearly 40% of sales of technical
goods were made online in 2020. (Source: LSA)

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COVID-19 update 68 – 21/06-08/07/2021
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