COVID-19 update 65 – 30/04-12/05/2021

As we move from managing a crisis to longer term business planning in a period of economic recovery, IGD has published its view on what the future holds in its Big Picture Snapshot. This report builds on the analysis and insight IGD has been sharing in its webinars this year. They have considered a range of economic indicators and the latest forecasts, viewing them through the lens of the food and consumer goods industry, to unpick the implications. In this report they look at:

  • How quickly the economy will recover,
  • What impact the pandemic will have on household incomes,
  • If inflation is a risk to recovery,
  • How confident shoppers are feeling,
  • Who is likely to benefit from the recovery, and who risks being left behind,
  • Whether shoppers are going to be pre-occupied with price,
  • What lasting impact COVID-19 might have on shopper behaviour.

Documentul integral, aici.

COVID-19 update 65 – 30/04-12/05/2021
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