COVID-19 update 36 – 05-07/08/2020

Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová has warned against a dangerous “wave of disinformation against vaccination” in the EU that has the potential to harm public health (Source: Hospodarske Noviny).

Under the State Aid Temporary Framework, the Commission has most recently approved:
· A €665 million Austrian scheme to support non-profit organisations and their related entities affected by the coronavirus outbreak
According to new figures by Eurostat, retail sales in the Euro zone rebounded in June. While sales of food, drinks and tobacco have returned to their February 2020 levels, sizeable gaps remain in the non-food sector. Textiles and footwear sales are still 22.4% short of their February levels. Meanwhile, online shopping fell in June for the first time this year by 6.8% compared to May, as consumers returned to brick-and-mortar stores.

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COVID-19 update 36 – 05-07/08/2020
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