COVID-19 update 42 – 02-08/09/2020

Three-quarters of consumers (71%) are confident about returning to stores. That is what comes out of a study conducted by the Censuswide Institute that surveyed more than 8.000 consumers in four major markets – the UK, US, China and France. The study also reveals that although nearly half (49%) of global consumers believe they could be infected with COVID-19 in stores, 80% are comfortable with the new health measures put in place – The general wearing of the mask by both customers and sellers is the most important measure to create a feeling of security for customers. American customers are the most worried about catching COVID-19 in stores (60%) while French consumers seem the least worried (39%).

77% of French consumers go to „non-essential” shops again, a performance that ranks them directly behind the Chinese (81%) and far ahead the American (60%) or the English (50%) consumers. Moreover, they focused less on online commerce than the British with only a third of the respondents turning to e-commerce.

French consumers spend less after confinement and to a greater extent than in other countries: 36% of respondents spend less; 51% spend the same amount. The time spent in stores has considerably decreased, with 63% of French respondents spending less time in the store compared to 30% who spend the same time there as before. While this score remains consistent, it is well below the other countries studied, as more than 70% of American, Chinese or British consumers spend less time, and less than 20% the same time as before the epidemic.

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COVID-19 update 42 – 02-08/09/2020
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