COVID-19 update 43 – 09-16/09/2020

The Commission has begun testing a new interoperability service for national coronavirus tracking apps. Test runs were launched between the backend servers of the official apps from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Latvia, and the newly established gateway server that is to facilitate the data exchanges.

The European Parliament has requested to boost the EU budget by around €110 billion, alongside the insertion of legally binding commitments on new levies to finance the Next Generation EU plan. (Source: De Havilland)

MEP Daniel Buda (EPP, RO) filed a parliamentary question to the European Commission regarding rising food prices in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. In her response, Executive Vice-President Vestager noted national measures hampering the free movement of goods as a possible cause. She also highlighted that EU competition law is specifically addressing companies taking advantage of the current situation by cartelising or abusing their dominant position.

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COVID-19 update 43 – 09-16/09/2020
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